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Name: Pyjak
Are you over 15? Yep.
Contact: PM, ArchVile (Plurk)
Current characters in the game: Remilia Scarlet (Touhou Project)

Name: Yang Xiao Long (Yelena Lyre for Reincarnation)
Canon and Medium: RWBY (Web Series)
Age: 17 (18 for Reincarnation)
Pre-Incarnation Species: Human
Pre-Incarnation Appearance: Here!

Any Differences: She won't look terribly different to start with. The only real differences would be the color of her eyes, which would be blue rather than purple. She'll generally wear clothes in the same color scheme, and her usual outfit would be black jeans, brown combat boots, a jacket in a lighter shade of brown (depending on the weather) and a yellow t-shirt under it.

Starting Location: Locke City, NJ, USA.

[Permission has been given by the players of the other Lyre famliy members for her to be related to the.]

Pre-Incarnated History: First of all, the world Yang is from is called Remnant. Remnant is a dangerous world full of creatures known as Grimm, who from the very beginning had threatened to wipe out humanity. It was only with the discovery of Dust, a crystal or sometimes a sandlike power source, was humankind able to fight back and drive back these creatures, and eventually civilization arose. However, Grimm was still a threat to the point that eventually, there were only four cities in the world. In recent years, the world has been at peace.

Besides Dust, humanity's survival was due to the efforts of Huntsmen and Huntresses who are tasked with keeping the peace and hunting down Grimm and anything that threatens the peace using weapons, Aura, the manifestation of the human soul and Dust itself. Huntsmen and Huntresses are only as good as their training, and as such academies like Signal and Beacon were formed to help young Huntsmen and Huntresses reach their full potential.

From a young age, Yang had been enamoured about heroes of days past, even to the point she read some of these stories to her sister, Ruby Rose, inspiring her to become a Huntress like her big sister.

When the time came, both had applied to go to Signal with their parent's blessings. First Yang, then Ruby two years later. Normally students go to Beacon at the age of seventeen, and Ruby herself would have been separated had she not shown such exceptional skill in battle she was invited to the Academy.

To say Yang was excited to have Ruby with her was a bit of an understatement, but Ruby was still a socially awkward girl, someone who needed to learn how to make friends on her own. However, given Yang's sink-or-swim approach, she soon ran off, leaving Ruby to fend for herself.

The sisters meet up again inside the main hall, whereupon she soon met both Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna, both of whom had met Ruby earlier that day in a less than ideal situation that involved Weiss' luggage and Ruby's sneeze causing the dust thrown up into the air to explode. After professor Ozpin's short speech, the students all left for the ballroom, where all the first year students were to sleep.

She tries to console her little sister about Weiss and try to get her to open up a little, which lead to the two of them trying to talk to Blake... Ruby seemed to have much better luck than Yang, ironically enough, in befriending Blake. Seeing Ruby open up for once was a pleasant surprise for Yang, she felt so proud of her sister, she pulled her into a hug, causing her to complain and struggle before interrupted by Weiss' arrival. Blake was forced to end the arguments by blowing out her candles.

The next day was the day of the initiation at Beacon Cliffs. All of the first year students lined up on launch boards an were literally flung into the Emerald Forest below, where, once landed, they were expected to pair up with the first person they see. In Yang's case, it was Blake.

She ended up alone for quite a while, becoming bored after not finding anyone for a long while... but soon, something found her. Two somethings, as in Ursi. A smaller, more agile Yang didn't have any trouble avoiding their attacks, but unfortunately for one Ursa, it managed a glancing blow that removed a few strands of Yang's hair, sending her into a rage that ended with the culprit being punched through several trees with one blow. She faced the remaining Ursa only to find Blake had killed it with one blow. Eventually her future team RWBY along with the future team JNPR met up at the temple in various and chaotic ways, chased by both a Death Stalker (think massive scorpion) and a Nevermore. While the other team dealt with the Death Stalker, Ruby came up with a plan to defeat the giant ravenlike Grimm. It worked well, ending in the Nevermore's death and, later on, lead to Ruby being made the leader of Team RWBY.

This is only the beginning of Yang's story...

Reincarnated History:
Yelena was born to Melissa's brother and his wife on June 4, 1996, a few years after they moved from their parent's ranch to Locke City. Unlike her cousin, she was never moved from the city, she had spent her young life growing up there, making deeper bonds with the friends she made, meaning, of course, she lacks the social awkwardness Robyn has.

As she grew, she quickly learned that life can get rough in the city after the death of her mother in a botched mugging. So, from around the age of ten, she had been learning Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, her reasoning being if something like that happens again, she'd be able to prevent it next time.

...Thankfully she's not taken up the habit of dressing up as a living shadow and fighting crime. Only thing is, she's hesitant on considering a police career...

First Echo: An encounter with the Mafia and a Numbered they cornered lead to her suckerpunching one. This gave her the memory of leaning in to kiss some bearded guy in a white dress shirt with a black vest, only to suckerpunch him across the room at the last second.

Pre-Incarnation Personality: Yang is kind of a straightforward, confident girl, open and friendly to most, the kind of girl that is hard to unnerve even in the heat of battle. Like her fighting style, she takes a brute-force approach to everyday life, someone who took a sink-or-swim attitude, as could be seen with the way she practically pushes Ruby into the deep end of social interaction.

She cares a great deal about her little sister, always trying to get her to be more open to people and try to help her fit in with the other students. She'll do anything she can to protect Ruby if needed, whether it's from a Death Stalker or from some crabby girl (funnily enough, that crabby girl ended up saving Ruby from that Grimm's attack, endearing her to Yang) or anything else that might hurt her.

She's the type to sympathise with marginalized or weaker people, especially if they get pushed around. even while growing up, she would defend Ruby from bullies, who would usually back off after getting knocked around.

Yang knows she's attractive, she's not at all afraid to show it or flaunt it. However, she's very proud of her hair to the point that even cutting a few strands from her hair will result in a world of hurt. Just ask the owner of the club, Junior, who she beat the crap out of.

When it comes to guys or even girls, she's not at all shy, and should she feel the need, she's not above playing 'dumb blonde' to trick people into lowering their guard...

Any differences?: Unlike her past self, she hasn't grown up alongside a younger sister she needed to look out for, so she hasn't developed a protective streak to the extent her past self has. She approaches fights with more thought before going ahead an charge into trouble.

Her puns are still there, and still terrible, but she has a tendency towards making jokes, mostly of the gallows humour verity. Something that might seem at odds with her cheerful demeanour.

Since she is an only child, all her parent's attention was solely on her, and since the loss of her mother, even more attention was on her. This had the effect of making her just a bit spoiled.

Unlike her past self, she's not driven by stories of huntsmen and huntresses, but some of the same superhero stories her cousin liked, but her tastes are more gritty. Despite her past, she's still a positive thinking girl.

Aura: The manisfistation of one's soul, as it's described, can be used as a protective barrier as well as a weapon and channel it through certain types of weapon. In Yang's case she seemes to use hers to increase her strength and durability.

Semblance: Possibly tied to aura, still unclear on this, but it seems to be an unique power or ability. It generally appears as fire in hair and causes her eyes to turn red. It is possibly one of the most powerful, her Semblance gives her the ability to absorb the energy from blows and use it to increase her own speed and strength to superhuman levels. Basically, the more punishment she gets, the more powerful she becomes.

Ember Celica: Yang's Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets. In thier unactivated state, they appear as a pair of yellow bracelets. Activated, they extend to cover her forarms and hands. They seem to use two sets of ammunition like Cresent Rose can. The orange ammo seems to be intended for melee, while the red ammo is used for raged combat.

Fighting Skills: She may well have been tought by Qrow like Ruby had been, but her fighting style is quite different, bearing a resemblance with boxing and kickboxing. Her fighting style's a lot more agressive than her teammates, she's the one who would charge into melee range to ruin an enemy's day up close and personal.

What kind of involvement would you like your character to have in Save the Earth?
General involvement in plots? Same with Emilia.


- Third Person:

Okay, this was just weird. After that little scuffle and a memory she was pretty sure lacking any meaningful context, some kind of number string that seemed to take up residence in her head. A number that she could recall perfectly no matter what. It all started with that run-in a Numbered kid had with some goons, a kid that was barely even ten if not younger, and by the looks of thinks they were trying to kidnap her. Yeah, pushing the defenceless around? She really wasn't going to stand for that. One suckerpunch, an echo and a fight later, she saved the girl and got her home.

Okay, she thinks it's pretty much safe to assume that she's one of the Numbered, Seedlings or whatever they called themselves. But hey, given the trouble they seem to find themselves in lately, she'd be able to help right off the bat, thanks to getting into MMA when she was a kid. She had to admit that things looked pretty bad from what she could see on this network thing. Maybe she'll get some cool powers out of this too, and prevent some more tragedies along the way while she's at it.

If she knew she had family members, her cousin and her aunt, among the numbered, yes, she'd be concerned, she'll be wanting to protect and defend them from anything the Mafia or anything else that is likely to throw at them.
Hell, same goes with the other Numbered. No matter what the Numbered face, there's always a weakness. And hopefully it'll make beating down the Numbered's enemies that much easier.

- Network: Here.



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